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Some Things We Do:

  • Building trading applications which use our trade-frame library and programs. This is a C++ 17 based library (with sample applications) for testing equities, futures, etfs & options based automated trading ideas using DTN IQFeed real time data feed and Interactive Brokers (IB TWS API) for trade execution. Some support for Alpaca & Phemex. Notifications via Telegram
  • Develop IoT applications using the Eclipse Paho C client library for MQTT library.
  • Supporting infrastructure composed of Free Range Routing (BGP, EVPN/VXLAN, anycast), Open vSwitch (openflow), and LXC containers deployed and managed via SaltStack or Ansible

Sample applications:

  • apparition - Home/Office Automation/Monitoring - listens on MQTT topics, uses LuaJIT to decode and respond back via MQTT. Current examples work with ZWave, ZigBee, RTL433, UPS-NUT,... Metrics are emitted to Prometheus for display with Grafana
  • nut2mqtt - Communication between Network UPS Tools (NUT) and MQTT
  • mqtt2telegram - Takes a topic emitted by nut2mqtt and transmits changes to a Telegram chat

When taking on new projects, we:

  • are interested in taking on new projects
  • are adept at breaking down intractable problems into achievable pieces and iterating on them
  • are curious by nature and love to dig deep on problems, always asking 'Why?'
  • communicate in a clear and concise manner, regardless of medium (text, voice, and in-person)
  • have strong opinions that are weakly held
  • recognize opportunities for process improvement and automation
  • write clean, maintainable code


  • serve remotely to clients around the world
  • provide consulting services for all types of packet delivery and security
  • develop software for a variety of interests

Contact us when you need:

  • Software Development and Database Management
  • Network Security and Internet Connectivity
  • Network, Infrastructure and Software Observability
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