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Asterisk PBX

Many small and medium sized businesses are looking for an excellent solution for handling their telephone requirements without breaking the bank. We offer support on the Open Source Asterisk PBX solution. It is in use in many companies around the world. It has a feature set surpassing many other solutions out there. We can offer assistance in selecting an appropriate platform, configuration, and customization. Asterisk is in continuous development by an international community of developers. If you need something that isn't provided yet, it shouldn't take too long to get it implemented.

For a peak under the hood, visit our Asterisk support pages.

Linux Support

Our support for Linux includes operating system installation, security auditing, firewall/NAT implementation, software development, database design, IP PBX management, internet/intranet solutions, and network troubleshooting. Here are a few links we find helpful in our work.

Web Site Development

On our web site, you'll notice that all our pages have an .html suffix. This does not mean that our pages are, by any stretch of the imagination, ordinary. We've used the powerful based templating language known as Mason to handle the creation of our pages on the fly. And since Mason is pased upon the popular programming language Perl, we have total control and flexibility over the content of our pages as well as their special features. For collecting information, and generating dynamic content, we rely on the powerful multi-user, transaction-based capabilities of the PostgreSQL database.

A web site should not be static in nature. Dynanmic content and helpful tools bring visitors back again and again. Call us to help put together tools to help bring visitors back to your site. Maybe a product configurator? Maybe a mortgage calculator? Maybe a document management solution? Maybe customized Accounting reports for your intranet?

Take a look at some of the site development tools we use.

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