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One Unified is a communications infrastructure consulting company serving businesses around the world. One Unified service's streamline business communications and costs, creating manageable and easy to use communications infrastructures that can be installed or offered on a commercial basis. Our proven track record and certified expertise allows us to provide customized solutions for any business.

Our goal is to help you get the most benefit from a unified network. Return On Investment is easy to see when data, telephone calls, and video conferencing exists on a single, well engineered LAN/WAN. Following are a few of the things we do. Give us a call and request further information on your next requirement.

IP Telephony is all about maximizing the capabilities of your existing data network. You can now run your telephone system on your network. We help you gain the high reliability and usefullness of a new open standards paradigm through IP Telephony integration. We talk SIP, H.323, SCCP, MGCP, Skinny, and others.

Voice Over IP (VOIP): Do you have many branch offices with which you communicate regularily? Would you like to send all your telephone, fax and data traffic over the same network to make the best use of what you have? We can help you design a high quality, prioritized Voice Over IP network between your offices to help you save costs, reduce maintenance requirements, and improve your return on investment. We talk G.711, G.729, G.723, Frame Relay, ISDN, T1, PRI, DSL, ATM, and others.

Unified Messaging is defined as being able to keep you faxes, your email, your video-mail, and your voice-messages all in one location. Not only that, but you can retrieve those messages via the internet, from any telephone, with your PDA, or with any of those new wireless gadgets now becoming available. You have full control over how and when you get your messages. Message notification is included. All messages are in one convenient, easy to access location.

Unified Communications is unified messaging on steroids! Take your unified messaging box, add PBX functionality, cell phone mobility, pageable notification, and find-me/follow-me services, and you have a full suite of communications-- how you want it and when you want it.

Telephone & Messaging Services: Not interested in purchasing and supporting the equipment for a world class communications system? Subscribe to our monthly services. Gain world class features at an affordable monthly rate. You get features such as Auto-Attendant, live receptionist, email, faxing, voice-mail, find-me/follow-me, voice recognition. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and more.

Network Design: Tired of a network that is always failing, crashing, falling over, and generally giving you a hard time? Give us a call. We'll analyze your network from the ground up: certify copper and fibre cabling, optimize your network protocols, tighten up your network security, evaluate your internet and firewall configurations, ensure your backups are functional, and we'll suggest network improvements for speed, security, privacy, and growth.

Network Monitoring: Once we've put out all those network fires that have been keeping you up at night, we can monitor your network and let you know when it needs maintenance. For example, we can let you know that your file server needs more memory, drive space, or ventilation before they become critical. Are you concerned that someone might be intruding on your network? We can provide intrusion detection services to alert you that someone might be tampering with your network before things get out of hand.

Network Wiring: Industry statistics state that 50% of all network issues arise due to wiring problems. By trusting your network design and wiring installation to our trained professionals, you can rest assured that your network will give you many years of trusted service.

Wireless Networks: Wireless capabilities are integral to a mobile workforce: in the office and through-out the plant. Your wireless network can carry data, telephone calls, security monitoring, and transactional information. Let us help you design the right wireless network with the right amount of security for your needs.

Messaging Servers: The core of our messaging infrastructure is Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. Looking to upgrade or roll-out messaging? Look no further. Our professionals can help you evaluate the correct infrastructure for unifying all your message types.

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