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Open Source Solutions

The Open Source Revolution is gaining momentum every day. More and more businesses are seeing it as an opportunity to gain flexibility and to save money.

One Unified is focussing its efforts with Open Source in the following areas:

  • Network Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
    • NFS/Samba File Servers (Substitute for Windows file servers)
    • Radius servers
    • PAM security
  • IP Telephony
    • PBX & IP PBX solutions
    • Long Distance Savings
    • IP Centrex Solutions
  • Email Solutions
    • Hosted email solutions
    • Installed email solutions
    • Anti-spam
    • Anti-virus
    • Prevention of dangerious html content
  • Web Services
    • eCommerce Sites
    • Database integration
  • Network Monitoring & Management

Some of the tools we mix and match in our solutions include:

  • OpenLDAP: centralized user authentication & authorization (a replacement for Active Directory)
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Perl: development language of choice to tie all these applications together
  • Mason: Perl based web site template package as used at
  • Asterisk: flexible, scaleable PBX solution
  • Horde: Web based email client with IMAP, POP3, Webmail, Group Calendar, Notes, User quota management, ...
  • NMIS: Network Management Information System
  • Nagios: Server Management
  • Cricket: MRTG's bigger, better brother for network statistic visualization
  • Sendmail: Robust, flexible message transfer agent
  • Maildrop: Local mail delivery agent with user quota management
  • SpamAssassin: Spam elimination
  • Snort: Intrusion Detection (Includes BASE, Oinkmaster, & Bleeding Snort)
  • MailScanner: Integrates Sendmail and SpamAssassin and provides virus and html content protection
  • Bind: Domain management
  • Apache: The dominant web server on the 'net
  • CVS: Version control system
  • Samba: A Windows file server replacement
  • NFS: Shared file system for Linux systems

Call us and let us introduce you to the world of Open Source. And, if you do need assistance with Microsoft Windows products, we can help you with that as well. We use the best of both worlds to make sure you have the best possible solution.

    Our Strengths:
  • Converged Networks
  • IP Telephony
  • VOIP
  • Software Development
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Management