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Alberta Weather Radar and Forecast Rural Municipalities SuperNet

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IT World, Hosters of Network World Live MCK Communications Division 17
Service Level Corporation: IP Telephone Rating Template Network World Fusion Technologies Links Call Center Magazine
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Cool Edit used for Voip testing IPTel Reference Site to other sites IP Telephony link site

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Cisco Service Carrier Business.Cisco, IQ Magazine Resources.Cisco, Branding, etc
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Packet Voice, Video and Telephony Erlang Calculator Voice, Video, and Home Applications Overview (Good Codec Info)
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Solutions (Good Link) IP SubNet Zero and related IP tech tips Cisco Resource Network for Resellers
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Packet Voice Case Studies Voice Application References

Linux Related:
Redhat Snort (IDS) Firedaemon: Srvany replacement & Net starting point
Radiator: Radius Server (Link to Billmax) Packetfactory Linux Documentation Project

Net Software Related:
NetIQ QCheck Bandwidth Monitor MRTG Netal: Syslog server
Castlrock SNMP Server Public Free SNMP Virtually Free Network Security Software
Sample Company providing network statisitics SNMP Links Page Microphones and Headsets

Net Security Related:
Spam Relay Test
Security Focus PacketStorm LinuxSecurity
CERT Coordination Center Rik Farrow:an independent security consultant. RFC 2267, Ingress Filtering.
Technotronic: Security information Video Protection Systems The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals
SQL Security

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New release media outlets
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Logistical Services Canadian Trade Index & Links Canada Customs Exchange Rates
North America Numbering Plan Administration NIST Time EST TaoDeChing - Lao Tze
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Physical Network Information:
Data Communications Cabling FAQ Ethernet Information Anixter's Cabling Information
Anixter's Enterprise Network Info Collection ConnectWorld Network Design Manual, among other things.
Network Magazine IEC Network Tutorials Home Automation Today
CRTC Bandwidth Test The PC Guide
Cable Install Mag Ethernet Guidelines Visual Route

Web Search Engines:
Digital Equipment's AltaVista Excite HotBot
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Investment Information:
Motley Fool The Fund Library Financial Executives Institute
Clear Station Nasdaq Stock Market

Links to Linkers:
InterCity Directories, Info 2000 UUNet Canada: Our Service Provider Sympatico
The Electronic Directory Services City of Kitchener City of Waterloo
CanFind Oh! Canada, eh?

Windows NT:
NT Commercial Software Windows NT Shareware Microsoft's Internet Resources for NT
Beverly Hills Software Internet Software Consortium (BIND)

Bare Bones Guide to HTML Net Minder
Netstrider Guide to HTML

Perl/NT Programming Jewels:
Perl and IIS Headers Perl for Win32 Home Site Where we got our Perl/NT SendMail
Perl for Win32 Links Hot Link'd Perl Reference Manual Perl Win32 Archive
Rex Swain's Perl 5 Reference Guide Perl for Win32

IIS/ISAPI Programming Jewels:
Microsoft Internet Information Server FAQ Here

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