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A word from the President:

In this computer age, successful companies are those that can provide consistent, high quality customer service to their customers. At the same time, they must maintain an invigorated, intelligent, mobile workforce. Customer service is not about technology, but about being able to effectively, efficiently, and consistently deliver the most appropriate goods and services to a customer.

Technology needs to be a tool that can be naturally used to enhance a person's job function. Effective technology is invisible technology. Successful technology is technology that people can use with out even thinking about it. A key aspect of successful customer service is communications. In the area of technology, communications encompasses many important aspects of a successful business infrastructure. Telephone systems, video conferencing, interactive and commerce based web sites, messaging (voice, email, faxes, & instant), and networks (corporate, public, and wide-area) are important components of every business. Our vision is to supply intelligently integrated communications solutions for keeping people in touch where-ever they are with the most effective means.

Where We've Come From

Today's communications infrastructure has its roots in telephone systems, computer networks, internet publishing, and wireless connectivity. Up till now, each grew and expanded and improved independently. Now we are starting to see the convergence of these technologies. We have web browsing on cell phones, voice mail messages in our email box, telephone calls across the Internet, and wireless shopping experiences in downtown cores.

Where We Are Going

We are integrating phones, networks, wireless devices and the internet today. We are very excited about how technology is enhancing our own productivity and we wish to share what we have learned with other companies who wish to do the same. For instance, our phone system can deliver inbound calls into our offices, to our cell phones, across the internet, or any phone in the world. That phone can be regular land telephone, a wireless/cell phone, or an internet telephone. If anyone of us is unavailable, we can be paged or a voice message can be delivered to our email box. That box is more than just a simple email box. It holds email messages, voice messages and fax messages!

That means we now have only one source to access for our offline communications. That source can be accessed via the corporate network, across the internet, or even by phone. Contact lists, schedules, and tasks can all be accessed in the same flexible manner. When you mate these powerful telecommunications tools with wireless devices such as the Web Enhanced Telephone, the RIM BlackBerry, personal PDAs, and public Kiosks, you're in contact anytime, anywhere.

Our computer network becomes the nexus of our communications requirements. It now handles more than just files and data. It is now the carrier of our telecommunications services, video-conferencing, and inter-company transfers. To safeguard our networks we use a number of different techniques.

Firewalls are used when accepting traffic from the rest of the world. We use encrypted channels across the internet when we want our branch office networks, home based workers, and travelling employees to see our main corporate office networks as though they were 'right here'. Since these networks and internet-based-channels carry voice, video, and data, we are in touch with each other no matter where we are.

The future of the mobile work force is here now.

Ray Burkholder

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